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Air of Colors
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In your path of transformation,

it begins with the act of dialogue with oneself.

however that manifests for you, do you meet yourself on paper with words, through images, or on a walk, or as you sit in an intentional space?

In this meditation, you invert your feelers from externally seeking to internally asking and feeling what your current needs are.

Sit or lie down, first with your eyes open.

Arrive here where you are with your breath.

Let your molecules settle.

Now with your eyes closed.

Arrive here where you are.

Let your thoughts arise and leave as they do.

Your awareness of your breath will also come and go, that’s ok.

Gently direct your awareness to the feeling state that you’re in.

You don’t need to put it into words, stay in the realm of feelings.

So be the feeling directly, without description – can you feel into its weight, lightness, speed, textures, and where in your body?

What does this woman need today?

What does this man need today?

What does this human need today?

Is it connection?

Is it a sense of significance?

Is it affirmation?

This need is right to be there. Honor the need(s).

Affirmation to say to yourself:

I listen to my deepest needs, and the needs are right to be there.

Image Credit: Photo by Andrea Tummons on Unsplash