Create Like No One’s Watching

When you feel safe, creativity flourishes.

Safety from?

- judgment

- your creativity having to be or become something important

- your creativity needing to prove your worth or significance

- your creativity needing to be productive or make money

Could you draw a feeling of this safe space? A place where no one is watching, not even your ego? What wild, bad and unpurposeful things would you allow yourself to create? 

Not giving a crap; creating from this space. Caring to see you place one foot into the discomfort of growth, the unknown, your slight curiosity being enough; creating from this space. Can you imagine what the primordial creative impulse may have felt like? the big bang sprang forth. How are we separate from that energy from which we came forth?

We are humans, we create - it’s what we’re here to do. 

Do not wait until the conditions are right, if your heart feels small and scared, it is okay to need and desire approval of the things we put out into the world, but the approval is not why we’re creating in the first place.

- - - 

Meditation for igniting a Big Bang kind of Creativity

Any moment you call it will be the right moment, you direct, you’re the force.

(do not wait until the conditions are right, you invoke it, you make it)

Imagine you’re a creature in the night. it’s a dark dark night, your critics are silenced to sleep and only the animals, insects, plants that thrive on a different order, different impulse, move in this time.

You are this night.

Stealthy you are. Ideas are vibrating, gestating, urging to become materialized.

There’s no sense of scarcity here. you make a mark that’s a testament of who you are in the moment, and from this mark the next impulse or direction is born. 

How does the mind concept of good/bad, right/wrong stand in the face of nature from which your creative force draws?


kathy kwon