Self love is physical. 

Our heart is material. Our heart is a thing. Would you take a moment and just lay your hands over your heart and feel the miracle of its beating? The things we know with our heart, our mind couldn’t shake.

Real self love doesn’t require anything but you, your awareness, your breath, your body.

You have all that you need to be here now. Allowing yourself the fullness of the current experience is a form of self compassion, a gentle voice spoke to me recently as I felt caught in a constant rush to make the most, do as many things in a short amount of time. 

Real solutions and answers to all that matters already reside within you. We know this but we forget, and we just needed to be reminded time to time. 

Let meditation be as easy as bringing awareness to your current state, wherever you may find yourself, and letting the fullness of the experience bloom within you. And in this space of openness, ask yourself, what is the need that founds the activities you occupy yourself with. From this space, asking your heart what your needs are, you may be able to answer very simply how you can fulfill the need.

Tilman Richter