Why Meditate?

How do you see the gold of this present moment?

In the midst of suffering from some desire short of being answered, because we’re always in the midst of looking for something, there is a part of us that can take in the perfect stillness of the moment.

And what happens in this moment, when you feel into it?

Beyond thinking, feeling the aliveness inside your body, and very specific emotional vibrations that live in you.

When you can catch hold of it with curiosity, whether it be with a tint of despair, sadness, anxiety, anger,

it turns into something that can tell you about who you are, what unnamed stories you’ve lived through and only half remembered, why the recurring emotions appear as true and the only you you know in different situations, but are they really? who would you be without them? would you un-know you? or is it a chance to be more you?

Tilman Richter